Certified Managers of Community Association                                                      

Property Management Services
  • Financial Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Property Maintenance
  • HR & General Support

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       Below is an outline of property management services that can be tailored to suit your property management needs.   

     Major Areas of Responsibility

     Financial Services

     Billing, collecting and depositing assessments

           Developing accounts payable procedures and paying association's bills

           Preparing payroll for on-site personnel

           Preparing financial reports, budgets and reserve analyses

           Maintaining financial reports in accordance with recognized and acceptable procedures

           Risk management and insurance

      Administrative Services

      Preparing, arranging, attending annual meeting, board meeting and committee meetings

      Maintaining the unit owners' roster, records and files

     Dealing with attorneys and preparing and processing transfer information on resale

     Reviewing standard operating procedures and providing guidance to the board on policy issues

     Dealing with CPAs, Attorneys, Insurance Carrier, Bankers, residents, board members and Contractors

      Transition from developer to a new condo association

      Property Maintenance

     Inspecting the common areas and any other property that the association is obligated to maintain

     Arranging for maintenance, repairs, replacement and responding to emergencies

     Recording and processing work orders and providing ground inspection reports

     Bidding and contracting for services

      Human Resources and General Support

      Assisting in the hiring, terminating and supervising of on-site personnel and contractors

     Monitoring the work of the employees and contractors

     Evaluating the performance of the employees and contractors                                        

     Dealing with and assisting sellers and prospective buyers

           Rules enforcement and Dispute resolution

           Provide diligent and faithful service and use reasonable care and skill

           Develop a sense of community through different social activities

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